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Facial hair is a trait of pubescent and adult men characterized by hair growing on the face from the ears to around the mouth. The growing of facial hair, or pogonotrophy, has been seen culturally as an indication of prudence and wisdom and also as a symbol of fertility and masculinity though the actual connection is frivolous at best.

Many people have worn facial hair proudly throughout the ages such as lyricist Shakespeare, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, German ruler Adolf Hitler, actor and musician Joaquin Phoenix, and good olä Jesus (probably). While many wear facial hair for purely aesthetic reasons, others grow facial hair for their religion, and yet others have their own reasons.

Women can grow facial hair also, though it occurs much less than in men and usually after reaching menopause.

Facial hair comes in all shapes and sizes from simple porn 'staches to long, scraggly Rasputin-like beards. It is similarly important to consider the style of hair worn on the top of the head as well.

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Austin Facial Hair Club

The Austin Facial Hair Club is a facial hair club. It was founded sometime after 2007. It's goal is to represent the city of Austin, Texas and the United States in competitions such as the World Beard and Moustache Championships and North American Beard and Mustache Championship.