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The Whisker Club was founded in 1998, as a form of flattery of the facial hair clubs often found in Europe. The club is based out of Bremerton, Washington, USA. The Whisker Club was founded with the goals of organizing facial hair competitions and increasing the number of Americans involved in facial hair competitions throughout the world. The club's president is Bruce Roe.


In order to join the club, a potential member must fill out an application and turn in an initial twenty dollar fee along with a photo. Once the application is reviewed, and a person is accepted they will then receive memberships benefits. Members also must pay a twenty dollar fee for yearly dues. Membership benefits include: access to the online members area, which has a discussion page and access to Whisker Club merchandise, discounted facial hair products and other whisker things. Members also are included in the member gallery and receive a lapel pin.

Annual Beard and Moustache CompetitionEdit

The Whisker Club organizes an annual Beard and Moustache Competition.

North American Beard and Mustache ChampionshipEdit

In 2008, the Whisker Club was responsible for organizing the first ever North American Beard and Moustache Championship. The Whisker Club plans to hold the second ever NABMC competition on July 3, 2010.

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